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Valued Ellingson Business Partners:

Safety of people and property is the cornerstone of Ellingson’s culture. Be assured that Ellingson continues to closely follow our business continuity plan and to adopt the changing advice from the CDC, WHO and other governing health agencies around the COVID-19 situation with the goal of protecting the health and safety of our and your employees while maintaining effective operations and essential services for our projects.

Ellingson CompaniesBy working proactively and communicating effectively, we will be able to develop and implement mitigation measures to help us continue to effectively deliver our projects to completion while ensuring our people are safe.

To that, please see the following brief detailing the actions and plans Ellingson is taking in addition to the daily or weekly reports we are currently providing.

Ellingson Action Update

  • We are monitoring material impacts to our projects.
  • Ellingson is focusing on implementing COVID-19 planning measures in order to protect our people and insulate our project sites.
  • Ellingson executing our business continuity plan.
  • Ellingson executive leadership meets weekly to review the changing conditions and continue to develop both immediate and long-term plans.
  • Ellingson front-line leadership meets daily to discuss the planning being implemented.
  • Ellingson has restricted all non-emergency air travel.
  • Ellingson has implemented new rules for delivery drivers to follow the signage posted on sites to stay in their trucks and instead call the posted phone number for assistance – delivery drivers should not enter any office facilities.
  • Ellingson has increased the supply and availability of preventative materials and equipment such as hand sanitizers and cleaning products.
  • Ellingson site teams have implemented a new routine of wiping down and spraying disinfectant cleaners on all office surfaces, trucks and equipment at the end of each day.
  • Ellingson has implemented a work from home when possible policy for anyone in a office role.
  • Ellingson will post signage on all large job sites stating our policy on Non-Ellingson employees entering when needed.

Requests From Business Partners

As we continue to provide you, our valued Business Partners, with these weekly briefs, we ask you also to adhere to the following expectations until this situation starts to clear up:

  • Continue providing at least weekly updates to us in writing confirming there have been no impacts to your work on the Project.
  • Provide a 2-week look ahead with potential impacts you foresee related to the COVID-19 situation, if any, and how you plan to mitigate them.
  • Provide real-time notification and updates to any known impacts to your work on any of our projects along with follow up notification in writing in accordance with the agreement(s) between us.
  • Have your personnel comply with the mitigation measures Ellingson has enacted above to help us ensure the safety of all personnel on our project sites.

The safety and well-being of Ellingson personnel remains our paramount concern. Thank you for your continued support and please be safe.

Please reach out to your regular point of contact within Ellingson for more details.


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