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Discover a proven-solution without excavation to fix pipes without disrupting your operations.

Cured in Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) is a proven trenchless method to repair cracked, broken or root infiltrated pipes. CIPP is one of the most widely used pipeline rehabilitation methods amongst residential homeowners, manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants and food processing plants. With our advanced capabilities, we can repair existing pipelines ranging from 3 to 18-inches in diameter. And a manufacturer warranty* on materials means you can be confident in the work going forward.


  • Limited or no excavation
  • Utilize existing infrastructure
  • Reduced shutdown time
  • Increase flow efficiency
  • Bridge missing pipe sections
  • Stops root intrusion and infiltration/ex-filtration
  • More cost-effective than open cut installation methods
  • Reinstate services without digging
  • Strength strong as sch. 40 PVC pipe

*Manufacturer warranty terms and conditions will vary by supplier.

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