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Water Management for Agriculture


We’ll design a better drainage system that adds up to a better yield for you.

Ellingson has been designing drainage systems for nearly five decades. This hard-won experience allows us to engineer a system for you that will make a real difference on your land. Our team of professional engineers and agronomists are dedicated to stay ahead of industry trends and use state of the art GPS and design equipment, including proprietary Ellingson Drainage Design Software (EDDS), to make sure you always have next-gen solutions. All so you get a drainage system custom engineered to deliver maximum yield increase.


  • Handle rainfall correctly
  • Ensure tile is sized properly
  • Remove water more quickly
  • Optimize system to handle fine and difficult soils
  • Ensure proper drainage spacing
  • Meet environmental needs, including permits, erosion, wetland setbacks, etc
  • Identify deep installations that may require overcuts
  • Ensure correct material take-off quantities
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