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Subsurface Irrigation


Precisely manage the water table level with the combination of control structures and supplementary water from on-site irrigation.

Subsurface Irrigation is the ideal solution for growers looking for both the benefits of agricultural drainage and conventional irrigation. A Subsurface Irrigation design gives you all the benefits of a properly engineered drainage system, while holding subsurface water in the active root zones to supplementing soil moisture content during critical growing periods. As with Controlled Drainage, Subsurface Irrigation works best on topography with less than 0.5% slope and in geographic regions that regularly experience extended dry periods or irregular precipitation patterns.


  • Reduce nitrate runoff
  • Improve overall soil quality
  • Limit maintenance needs
  • Provide irrigation for irregular-shaped fields
  • Limit weed growth
  • Consume 50% less water compared to pivot irrigation systems

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