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The review and analysis you need to stop guessing and start knowing about the condition of your pipes.

Our inspection and assessment process combines CCTV televising technology and a geographical information system (GIS) to take a comprehensive look at aging underground pipes and map them for your reference. Upon completion of your assessment, you’ll receive a certified condition report, backed by NASSCO. We have an unmatched combination of experience and expertise to provide you with detailed reports that give a holistic view on the status of your underground pipes. From cracks and corrosion to scale build-up, now you can have a detailed report of every pipe. So you can prioritize maintenance issues and stay ahead of problems before they ever present themselves.


  • Prioritize needs to make cost-efficient recommendations
  • Actionable insights you can use to stay ahead of maintenance issues
  • Reduce future emergency costs associated with downtime
  • NASSCO certified in PACP, MACP and LACP
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