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Drainage Assessment


Determine your best-projected ROI on a single field or multiple fields to predict paybacks, prioritize investments, and develop your comprehensive water management plan.

Ellingson can provide you a field-by-field analysis that lets you know which fields are most suitable for subsurface water management. Our expertise, coupled with next-gen technology allows you to quantify the projected return on investment. By using our proprietary drainage index, you can compare fields against each other to maximize yield, manage risk, and determine where your investment will have the highest return – even if those fields are across the road, across the county, or across the country from each other.


  • Determine the best-projected ROI on a single field or multiple fields
  • Maximize crop yield and manage risk
  • Predict 10-year paybacks
  • Prioritize subsurface water management investments
  • Develop your comprehensive subsurface water management plan
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