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Agricultural Drainage Solutions
Our strategic approach to agricultural drainage and water management is designed to increase your farm productivity.
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Agricultural Drainage Solutions

At Ellingson, we are experts in agricultural drainage, offering innovative solutions to improve drainage, boost yields, and maximize profits on farms across the nation. With over 50 years of experience, we provide a full range of drainage services tailored to your unique needs.

The Importance of Agricultural Drainage

Proper drainage is critical for productive, resilient, and sustainable crop production. However, many agricultural soils have poor natural drainage, leading to problems like:

  • Waterlogging and ponding
  • Lack of oxygen for crop roots
  • Delayed planting and harvesting
  • Increased risk of flooding and runoff
  • Nutrient loss and soil erosion
  • Increased fuel costs due to farming wetground

Agricultural drainage provides a solution, enabling timely field operations, reducing risks, and creating an optimal environment for crops to thrive.

Experience the Difference with Ellingson’s Advanced Drainage


Our Drainage Services

We offer complete drainage solutions, from initial consultations and system design through long-term maintenance:

System Design and Engineering

  • Site evaluation assessing soil properties, topography, water table level, and other factors
  • Custom system design incorporating specifically engineered layouts and plans for each field.

Installation and Construction

  • Complete installation services handled by our experienced crews
  • Trenching, plowing, or trenchless drain tile placement
  • Use of quality corrugated HDPE plastic pipes or alternative materials

Maintenance and Management

  • Repairs and upgrades as needed over time
  • Options like remote monitoring and automated control technologies

Specialty Services

  • Unique drainage solutions for orchards, nurseries, berry farms, or other specialty crops
  • Conservation drainage and water quality projects
  • Pond and lake construction

Want to protect your land from soil erosion and improve crop performance?

Tailored Solutions for Every Farm

No two farms are alike, so we tailor drainage plans to your specific conditions and goals, including:

  • Soil types and properties
  • Topography and landscape
  • Crops rotation
  • Climate and weather patterns
  • Field use and trafficability
  • Environmental factors
  • Budget and long-term plans

We handle all permitting and regulatory requirements, provide experienced installation crews, and partner with you long-term to maximize productivity.

Ellingson Companies

Agricultural Drainage Systems

We design and install all types of subsurface drainage systems using corrugated tubing, advanced control technologies, erosion control measures, or a tailored combination to remove excess water from agricultural fields.

Proper design matches the drainage system to your soils, climate, water flows, regulations, crops grown, and management goals.

If you’re facing drainage challenges on your farm, Ellingson has the solutions. Reach out at 888-527-2294 and let’s talk about improving your agricultural water management.

Benefits of Agricultural Drainage

Investing in agricultural drainage delivers measurable returns through:

  • Increased Yields
  • Improved plant rooting environment
  • Greater access to water and nutrients
  • Healthier, more vigorous crop growth
  • Risk Reduction
  • Decreased flooding and ponding
  • Better resistance to wet/dry cycles
  • Less variable yields year-to-year
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Extended growing season
  • Timelier field access for planting and harvesting
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Environmental Gains
  • Lower runoff and erosion
  • Decreased nutrient loss

By installing a properly designed drainage system, you can boost productivity, profitability, and sustainability on your farm.

Why Choose Ellingson For Your Agricultural Drainage Needs?

You can count on Ellingson for decades of experience, industry-leading solutions, responsive customer service, and a consultative approach focused on your farm’s success.

For complete agricultural drainage services backed by decades of expertise, please contact the drainage specialists at Ellingson today. Call us at 888-527-2294 to discuss your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We design and install all types of agricultural drainage systems using tiles, surface drains, drainage water management technologies, outlets, lift stations, or any combination needed to remove excess water from your fields.

By improving soil oxygen levels, drainage allows crops to develop healthier root systems and improves access to water and nutrients deeper in the soil profile. This enables improved growth and higher yields compared to undrained fields.

The key benefits include increased yields, risk reduction, operational efficiency improvements, and environmental gains like decreased erosion and nutrient runoff. Drainage also enables no-till or conservation tillage practices.

We thoroughly evaluate soils, topography, climate, water table level, crops grown, field use, regulations, and other factors. This enables us to create customized drainage plans tailored to your farm’s unique conditions and requirements.

Modern corrugated HDPE plastic pipes offer many advantages over old clay tile systems. Plastic pipes are more durable, provide better water flow, are easier to install, and allow for precision drainage techniques.

We recommend an annual inspection and maintenance to keep drainage systems working properly. Over time, upgrades may be needed as well. Ellingson offers complete maintenance contracts to optimize productivity.

Remote monitoring, control valves, variable rate irrigation, drainage water recycling systems, woodchip bioreactors, and saturated buffers are some of the technologies we can incorporate to help conserve water while managing drainage.

With proper maintenance, most modern drainage systems will last over 50 years. Key factors include pipe materials used, installation methods, soil movement, root intrusion, and upkeep practices. We can also upgrade older systems.

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