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Customized Specialty Drainage Solutions
We focus on customizable drainage systems designed around the specific requirements of agricultural, construction, and land development sites.
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Specialty Drainage

Effective drainage is essential for productivity and growth across various industries such as agriculture, construction, and land development. Specialty drainage involves customized solutions using innovative techniques and technology to handle complex drainage needs.

Why Choose Ellingson for Your Specialty Drainage Needs

Customization and Flexibility

Each of our drainage systems is engineered to match the exact specifications of the site. We adapt our techniques, equipment, and materials to address unique parameters for superior performance. Our flexibility stems from skills honed across decades of specialty drainage projects.

Cutting-Edge Technology

By constantly upgrading our tech and techniques, we can tackle the most difficult specialty drainage challenges. Our team ensures we integrate the latest methods to build optimized systems. Customers benefit from advanced techniques that maximize efficiency.


Understanding Specialty Drainage

As drainage experts with over 50 years of experience, Ellingson understands that proper drainage is vital for protecting productivity, resources, and investments across agriculture, construction, land development, and other industries.

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The Importance of Proper Water Management

Excess moisture leads to problems, such as:

  • Reduced yields: Saturated soils lack the air spaces needed for healthy root development. Standing water also promotes the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria.
  • Flooding: Insufficient drainage causes surface ponding and flooding during heavy rain.
  • Erosion: Fast, uncontrolled water flows due to inadequate drainage can damage the topsoil, which is vital for plant growth.
  • Structural damage: Waterlogging builds excessive hydrostatic pressure against foundations in construction sites and basements.
  • Environmental impact: Runoff due to poor drainage transports sediments, fertilizers, pesticides, and other contaminants into water bodies.

Proper water management can mitigate these threats.

Case Study: Precision Drainage Water Management for a Cranberry Farm

Cranberry cultivation requires precise control over soil moisture and efficient water usage. Ellingson collaborated with Horizon Cranberry Farms to design a tailor-made drainage system using advanced precision techniques.

The final design by Applied Science employed subsurface drainage pipes with variable rate irrigation. This bog tiling system allows farmers to monitor and control the water table. Growers can wet the beds for frost protection, maintain ideal moisture for growth, and drain beds rapidly after harvest.

Ellingson handled installation using a custom patented machine designed to bury drainage pipes under bogs up to 40 feet wide with minimal surface disruption. This specialty equipment ensured the agricultural land remained productive through and after the process.

The result was a state-of-the-art precision drainage system providing Horizon Cranberry Farms with unmatched control over soil moisture to boost yields and water efficiency.

For specialty agricultural drainage solutions, trust Ellingson – the experts in precision water management.

Getting Started with Our Specialty Drainage Solutions

We offer turnkey custom drainage services from initial consultation to completed installation. Here is an overview of working with our team:

1.    Initial Consultation

2.    Custom Drainage System Design

3.    Installation and Construction

4.    Post-Installation Support

We are committed to providing complete specialty drainage solutions that fully address your needs both during and after construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialty is in custom solutions using innovative methods unavailable from typical contractors. We tailor the system to your site’s parameters for superior performance.

Yes, we offer a turnkey service covering drainage surveys, design, installation, and post-construction maintenance.

It provides prescribed moisture control to protect crops against water damage, drought, and fungi. It also efficiently removes excess water after heavy rain or irrigation.

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