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Ellingson Launches New Digital Platform at Big Iron Streamlining and Personalizing Farm Data

WEST CONCORD, Minn. (Sept. 11, 2020) – Ellingson, a Minnesota-based provider of farm water management solutions and installations, leverages its 50 years of boots-in-the-field experience to introduce a precision ag software providing convenient access to farm data and water management tools for easy data-driven decisions, improved crop yield and efficient drainage planning. The Ellingson App combines public and proprietary farm data into one platform that growers, land managers, agronomists and drainage contractors can access on their smartphones, tablets or the web. Previously, accessing this information required taking the extra time to use a variety of sources. The app can also be used to control and access data from pumps and other sensors offered by Ellingson. Ellingson collaborated with respected world leading institutions and companies as well as trusted local organizations to develop the platform.

Ellingson is launching the platform at Big Iron in West Fargo, North Dakota September 15-17. Attendees are invited to see a demonstration of the Ellingson App in Ellingson’s booth #1050.

“Our customers know us as a trusted partner that provides reliable solutions they won’t find anywhere else,” said Jeremy Ellingson, Ellingson COO. “We’re excited to build on that experience with the new Ellingson App. The platform will improve convenience and help make informed planning decisions, which helps the entire business and operation.”

While other farm data software exists, The Ellingson App is the only platform created by a company that actually engineers and installs water management systems.

“There are other tools out there, but ours is the only one backed by 50 years of hands-on experience,” said Ellingson. “Those years of getting our hands dirty gives us insight into what information is most important to our customers and how they can use it most effectively to improve their yields and overall efficiency.”

The platform will initially include two services users can take advantage of: Farm Data and Farm Monitor. The options are available as individual subscriptions or bundled together.

The Ellingson App’s Farm Data service provides access to data and ownership and tile maps that growers, agronomists, land managers and drainage contractors would otherwise have to access from a variety of different services. This helps users make data-driven decisions without needing to spend the time using more than one service to access the information.

The Farm Monitor service provides real-time insights and control over Ellingson pumps and sensors within a field. Options include remote pump monitoring and control, critical alerts from sensors delivered straight to a mobile device, water level monitoring, and data analysis. The pump monitor app is available in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Growers can use these services to help improve their yield by taking a strategic approach to their fields, such as correlating the tile map with water level data to determine whether drainage is sufficient. This also helps prioritize fields that may need improvements to their water management systems, allowing growers to make smart and informed investments.

Ellingson plans to continue to add service options and other capabilities to the app.

New users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial for the platform. Learn more at

About Ellingson

Founded in 1970, Ellingson,, is a family owned, independent water- and infrastructure-management company providing safe, technology-driven construction planning, design and installation services. The company is driven by the same customer-focused values and work ethic it was founded upon and has earned a reputation for quality, safe trenchless solutions in the agriculture, wet and dry utilities and oil and gas industries.

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