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The agricultural drain tile project is located just outside of Fargo, North Dakota and covers a 160-acre field. The field has a lift station and a couple of gas crossings with fairly tight spacings due to the type of soil. The project is being carried out by a four-man crew that uses a BRON 585 plow and a JCB tractor to lay out the tile lines, while a CAT excavator digs all the necessary holes. A Laborer is also available on-site as needed.

Ellingson typically handles jobs of this size, but also takes on larger and smaller projects. Water management is one of the many things the company does for farms, with increased yield being the most well-known benefit among customers. The impact of the improved drainage can be seen immediately in the following spring, as it allows for earlier planting and timely harvesting.

The project begins with the team taking LIDAR of the field to determine the topography and layout. They then identify the high and low points and decide where the main lines and laterals should run. The location of water is a critical factor and is determined by checking if it’s legal to put it there and obtaining the necessary permits and easements. The engineering team then creates a plan based on the layout of the field, while customers are heavily involved in any changes or observations they may have. They are the ones who know the land better than anyone else.


Our Value

The value-added for the farmer is that improved drainage is a long-term investment that provides immediate benefits. Instead of just letting water run off the field, it is absorbed through the soil, filtered down to the tile lines, and then exits the field. As a result, the field can be planted and harvested on time, regardless of the weather conditions.

Ellingson is not just interested in providing customers with a project, we want to be your partner in water management for your farm both now and in the future.

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