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Agricultural Drainage in Larimore, ND

July – September 2018

A high-water table and sandy soils negatively impacted crop production when heavy rainfall would hit these fields in Larimore, ND. Ellingson Water Management provided an end-to-end solution – beginning with a full assessment of the situation detailing drainage issue and prioritizing fields with highest ROI, and ending with the complete design and installation of a new ag drainage system. The project included the installations of 24” Dual Wall Tile via plow on 1,570 acres of crop land, totaling 1 million feet of installed tile. On completion, the total water management system included 9 pumps and 4 lift stations all that will help reduce crop loss while also managing the existing land profile, allowing for ample root development and increased future crop yields.

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Agricultural Drainage in Larimore, ND

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