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CIPP – Pipe Rehabilitation in Cheese Plant Facility


After completing a full plant assessment by Ellingson’s Infrastructure Management team, it was evident that there were issues underneath this national cheese manufacturers facility that needed to be addressed.  Ellingson worked with the plant personnel to develop an Underground Drain Rehab Program.  With a plant that has 24/7 production, this was a 4-year plan, with many phases, working around production schedules and sensitive areas within the plant. Pipe depths ranged from 2ft deep to 16ft deep and diameters ranged from 4in to 8in pipes.  The corrosion within these pipes warranted specialty cleaning techniques to ensure the integrity of the host pipe was maintained and their problems were not made worse by collapsing a pipe. Ellingson completed their last phase of this facilities drain program by lining 460LF in just 2 days.  This plant now has the peace of mind that they will no longer have to deal with any drain issues.

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