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Ellingson DTD Colstrip MT

Overview: Ellingson-DTD was hired for a coal ash project located in Colstrip, MT to install a capture well that works in conjunction with the injection wells also installed by Ellingson-DTD. This project includes a 1900 ft. single-ended live well that terminates underground. The next phase would be to remove contaminated water from the ground by installing pumps.

31.5 ft pipe was used in this project – as the crews drill each pipe down, they will disconnect and add another pipe, and so on and so forth until the end of the targeted depth is reached. The rigs used on this site typically run anywhere from six to eight people – a driller that oversees the operation day-to-day, and a series of laborers and operators that come from all over the country.

This project has multiple challenges from ground conditions to water conditions to site conditions. Each site presents a new challenge, and the crews are constantly adapting to the conditions they encounter.

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Coal Ash Capture Well
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