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Environmental Remediation


Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) provides enhanced delivery methods compatible with most remediation technologies.

Ellingson currently installs horizontal/directional remediation wells for a wide variety of remediation technologies, including air/biosparge, soil vapor extraction (SVE), substrate injection, vapor mitigation, groundwater extraction, re-circulating systems, thermal treatment and treated water injection. The available roster of treatment technologies is constantly expanding as new contaminants of concern are identified. When new treatment methods are conceived, we adapt our equipment and installation techniques to continue to offer state-of-the-art technology for solutions to unique engineering challenges. Along with remediation activities environmental HDD can be used for monitor well installation, construction/slope stability dewatering, coal ash basin and mine tailings dewatering.


  • Place long screen sections directly in the contaminant plume.
  • Less ground surface disruption.
  • Ideal for accessing off-site plumes.
  • Fewer vertical wells, wellhead, instrumentation and controls and connection piping.
  • Well heads can be located in close proximity to treatment plant.
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