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Environmental Pumping


Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a viable approach to potable, irrigation and industrial water supply issues.

As existing aquifer systems are stressed due to long term pumping operations, water providers are looking to aquifers traditionally overlooked by vertical well installers. Thin surficial aquifers, vertically fractured formations and low permeability zones can be developed by using HDD methods for water supply wells.
Surface Groundwater Connections – many public water supplies rely on surface water from rivers and lakes. An HDD installed well along or under a surface water body can provide a consistent supply without a surface intake structure. Additionally, some filtration will take place as the surface water moves through the permeable formation into the well.
Thin surficial aquifers – many “first” aquifers are relatively thin, and some near-surface formations have significantly reduced saturated thickness. However, many of these aquifers have huge lateral extents. One directionally drilled well can place hundreds of feet of screen near the bottom of the producing zone, replacing several vertical wells. Long horizontal screens at the base of the aquifer have several other benefits including low entrance velocity into the screen and no “cascading water” from de-watered vertical well screens.
Gravity and passive drains – directionally drilled wells have been completed into hillsides and mountain to passively collect groundwater through gravity flow. This type of directionally drilled well has been used for public water supply, enhancing depleted spring flows and creating wetlands.


  • Solution specifically adapted to horizontal wells
  • Allows simultaneous pumping and jetting of the well throughout the well screen
  • Improves the efficiency of underperforming wells
  • Identify the causes of well inefficiencies and helps restore well performance.
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