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Rehabilitate underperforming or broken wells and maintain efficiency going forward.

One of the first horizontal wells for environmental remediation was installed in 1987. Since that time, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) methods have been used to complete wells for a variety of applications including environmental remediation, dewatering and municipal/industrial water supply. As with vertical well systems, horizontal wells need periodic maintenance and rehabilitation to function efficiently. We have the experience and tools required to perform rehabilitation on horizontal wells.
Many times the first step in any well rehab exercise, after the pumping equipment and surface completion is removed, is a camera survey. We have the ability to run a camera in a well for hundreds of feet to provide a visual record of the condition of the well screen and casing. We can determine if the screen is plugged with biological or mineral blockages or if the screen is physically damaged by erosion or mechanical failure. Once the camera survey has been reviewed by ground water professionals a treatment plan can be designed.
Well treatment can consist of mechanical and/or chemical treatment. Ellingson-DTD has injection equipment, jetting tools and pumps to perform both types of well treatment activities, including simultaneous pumping and jetting.


  • Higher extraction and injection rates
  • Reduced pumping costs
  • Higher well efficiency
  • Longer pump life
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